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When you are self-employed, being consistent and disciplined can be a challenge; there is no manager cracking the whip, your life is busy and there are so many distractions.

Working with a Mentor will help you stay on track and achieve your goals, step by manageable step.


A Mentor will help you to…

  • Get and stay motivated
  • Unleash your innate creativity
  • Come up with workable ideas
  • Answer your questions
  • Be accountable
  • Set realistic intentions
  • Prioritise the next step
  • Turn your goals into actions
  • Save time by working smarter to maximise your ideas
  • Get honest, independent feedback on your work
  • Be encouraged
  • Be heard
  • Find your voice
  • Gain in confidence
  • Enjoy the process
  • Develop healthy writing habits
  • Consistently produce good quality writing
  • Connect with other support for your business
  • Make decisions about what it important to you and your business
  • Embrace your creative and professional development to grow yourself and your business
  • Always have something interesting to say, in an interesting way

“I had the pleasure of 1 to 1 coaching with Amy. I had never written a Blog before. I just needed some guidance and understanding of what was required. Amy was absolutely fabulous. Her knowledge and support has given me the confidence to post my first Blog - thank you.”

Jules Hellens, Wellbeing Life Coach

What is it?

A monthly call with a mentor to help you achieve your writing goals.

Accountability, progress, action planning and intention setting.

Whether it’s writing your book or your blog, with a little support you can make noticeable progress, develop healthy writing habits and share your words with courage, confidence and creativity.

Together, we will develop your own personal Writing Action Plan then carry it out, step by step, month by month.

With resources and activities to get you started and keep you going.

Plenty of opportunity to answer your questions.

Calls are monthly, over Zoom or Skype, for up to 60 minutes, with follow up over email.

Track your progress, baby step by baby step and be proud of the result.

Who Is It For?

Business leaders, content creators and entrepreneurs who are growing their influence through blogging or writing a book.

How does it work?

  • First call: get to know each other, answer your questions, set intentions and agree an action plan
  • Follow up email
  • Second call: Progress so far. Review actions taken. Tackle any challenges. Answer any questions. Set intentions for next time
  • Follow up email
  • Third call: Progress so far, set intentions for next time
  • Follow up email
  • Repeat for as a long as you need to

After 3 months you’ll notice the change, but meaningful progress, establishing habits, the discipline to remain consistent, growing your confidence and influence could take six months or more.


What's the investment?

Investment in yourself is the best investment you can take in your business. But investment is not just financial, it is also time and effort. For meaningful progress you need to align all three. Here’s the commitment:

Investing Money:

  • £45 a month, paid in advance

  • £90 first month to encourage you to attend future meetings


Investing Time:

The calls are up to 60 minutes, but you will be writing between calls. How much time you dedicate to your writing is up to you, but I advocate little and often. An hour or so, a couple of times a week.


Investing Energy:

You will be doing the writing. You must want to do it. You must be prepared to make it a priority each month if you are to achieve your goals. Together, we can discover what it will take for you to learn to love your words!

Now what?

The first step is to book a free call.

Let’s get a sense of each other and whether this is a good fit.

Even if you decide not to work with me, I’m here to help and will always give you some practical, actionable advice, even in a free 30-minute call.

“Amy is so passionate about inspiring others to 'love their words'. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious and I've so enjoyed working with her. She helped me create my story as well as coach me with content creation. Amy is hugely patient and resourceful. She was really supportive in helping synthesize my ideas and offer suggestions as to how to move forward when I was feeling overwhelmed or stuck. If you want someone to ignite a love and confidence to write; someone who can put a positive slant on anything and who will be your cheer leader, encouraging you to keep moving forward even when you feel frustrated, then get in contact with Amy. Thank you Amy, for your passion and patience!”

Fenella Hemus, Above Beyond Coaching

Bespoke Training

I work closely with Enterprise Agencies and Local Authorities to deliver workshops to small businesses; many are free to attend and bookable via Eventbrite

“I recently attended Amy's blogging for beginners’ workshop. As someone who is a social media newbie and has put off blog writing for far too long, I have to say I came away thoroughly inspired. Amy creates a fun, encouraging atmosphere in her sessions and has a genuine desire to help each and every person in the room. I highly recommend Amy's workshops and services to anyone who needs help writing for their business.”

Sally Strong, Driftwood Coast Living

Talk to me about bespoke training for your team and empower your people to create inspiring and clickable content for your business. Book a no obligation free call and lets explore the possibilities.

"I attended Amy's Blogging For Business workshop having recently set up a new business for which, the blog, required a new tone of voice. The workshop was incredibly enjoyable, and the content covered was really helpful, delivered in Amy's lovely conversational style. I came away with three actions that I know will make a big difference going forward and all in just a few hours. Highly recommended!"

Tamsen Garrie, Mental Health in the Workplace

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